View Full Version : Sega Soft Desk 10

11th August 2006, 11:11 PM
On my site, www.gameinfoonline.com , under Sega/Arcade/SoftDesk10, you will see this gem.

One surfaced a couple of weeks ago on the SMS forums. As usual some guy has the mother of all gems sitting in his basement. He doesnt know wtf he has. Its been broken for years, etc. Now he wants to chuck it out, but decides to ask around the forums if it is worth puting on ebay.

Why the hell is all this good stuff in the USA and not just down the road from me. In fact, why isnt it in my office right now, bastards.

Anyway, its a multigame arcade system that has a 10 slot MarkIII in it. Droooooooll.