View Full Version : gamex emulators what do you use?

6th August 2006, 07:43 PM
Im setting up gamex and i have got the mane section running.
And im having difficulty getting the NES section up.
Im using rocknes but it wont detect roms in gamex, but runs fine on its own.

What emulators do you use under gamex, and is there any handy sites the help in config of them?

i have found this site handy

i used it to setup my sega stuff

8th August 2006, 09:29 PM
Well,im finally having some sort of success.
I got mame working in gamex.that wasnt so tough.

my video card is a ati radion 9200 128 agp with tv out.xp pro.have installed ati catalyst as well.

MY Colecoroms i use the vcoleco emulator.and if i turn debug mode off and select a game, the screen goes black and returns to gamex.
if i turn debug mode on i can play a game but the vcoleco emulator is not full screen and is windowed.

the nintendo roms if i turn debug off the same thing happnes.i select a game, the screen goes bank and returns to game ex.
if i set it to debug mode on i can play a nintendo rom, but windowed.

what gives??
there must be a simple setting somewhere im missing.:unsure
any ideas?
if i have to change emulators i will do that too.

8th August 2006, 09:56 PM
I have found that the show desk setting must be set to "on" for direct x allplications and set to "off" for no-direct x apps.
i have done this and now i no longer get the blank screens i was getting

:) yippie

now if i can just stop the windows and get full screen i will be happy!

9th August 2006, 09:36 AM

The Gameex forum @ the Gamex website has a wealth of information on setting up all kinds of emulators. I've got Gameex to run most of the modern consoles including the c64, nes and genesis. Everything is there for most of the emulators. Just use the search button in the forum :) For me, the most laborious emulator to set up was the Dreamcast emulator, Chankast. I eventually went out and bought a real one because there were some really good shootemups on the DC. Now if I could find a way to make some of the DC games fill up on my Sony CRT, I'd be happy....

By the way, Debug mode just shows your desktop when running the emulator. Usually there's an option in the emulator to run full screen. make sure that is on by default. You may need to edit some sort of configuration file to make it permanent. This is how it is for the majority of emulators. Basically the way Gameex works (like most frontends) is it goes to the emulator directory and runs the emulator by commandline. So what may also be needed is a commandline switch that must be enabled in your gameex config. For instance, to get fullscreen for the PSX Emulator you need the -f switch. So the commandline in the gameex configuration would be (from memory), psxfin -f "ROMPATH\ROMFILE".

Good luck,