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16th February 2009, 03:16 PM
Hi All,

with my planning (get the POS working again) touchscreen juke box (Ultrastar and Frets on Fire (FoF) I have some Q's

1) Ultrastar does not appear to be usable with a touch screen does any one know another version of ultrastar that is ?

2) my singstar mike adapter (usb to 2 mike input) does not seem to work, is there something similar ? I saw one on Davids site (AVD) that was USB to headphones and single mike, could just get 2 I guess.

3) FoF, I have tried a couple of version of FoF and they don't seem to be usable for touch screen, is there a version that is or when I have the guitar all menu actions can be done from guitar.

4) FE, is there a "good" for touch screen, I have http://wiki.arcadecontrols.com/wiki/SimpleTouch_FE. from what I have found I think its only Atomic, GameX and multife that have touch support. Are there any others or strong yes or no for the above.

5) when I plug in a single singstar mike into the mike port it doesn't work, I almost need to pull it out 5 mm for it to work, are these plugs standard PC plugs or are they a little different ?


16th February 2009, 03:28 PM
Heres some answers ....

1) - I dont think there is a version that will do it. Im sure ive only seen Ultrastar, and Ultrastar Deluxe.

2) - It doesnt work at all ? Have you selected which input you want it to use within Ultrastar .. should come up as- USB...blahblahblah (cant remember what it said)

3) - You may just have to change the key mapping to make it work totally from the guitar. Ive done this to mine.

4) - Pass

5) - Looks to me to be a standard plug (mono) .. maybe its just longer than a standard plug ?? Ive got nothing to compare it to.

Hope this helps.

16th February 2009, 04:26 PM
thanks for that.

when I plug the Singstar USB adaptor in, there is a blue light on the adaptor, this comes on for a second or 2 then turn's off, when I first got it it would stay on for a minute or 2 then off.

I have had the mikes confugured for Ultrastar but could never get a song completed as it would turn off.