View Full Version : Kagi Chassis Turns On Then Off Stright Away

27th January 2009, 06:00 PM

Turn chassis on ands turns off stright away small high pitch whine


This chassis has had caps replaced not long ago so i didnt think this was a cap issue. Did a few checks HOT was ok and flyback was fine so that wasnt the problem. B+ voltage was ok from ps pcb.

What i did find which i have seen before on another chassis was the control pots that adjust your H posi H Hold ect when touched the tracks would gentley move. I found that when i went to clean each solder connection the solder track on each pot the solder pad just flaked away. I cleaned each pot solder pads and repaired the broken ones.

Powered up chassis and came up with a nice clean screen

24th May 2010, 07:46 AM
any chance you can send me some pics of the kagi chassis wired up as i have the same chassis and need to hook it up. I gutted my machine for restoration now its time to start wiring things back up I forgot to take phots to remember where everything went. Im sure i have everything right since the plugs usally only fit one spot but I really need to know which of the two are the HOT and Neutral pins on the power supply board.