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13th December 2008, 09:48 PM
A while ago I got a couple of LAI Fatboy style cabs. One of them had a dead monitor (which I subsequently got going). I decided to give the cab a bit of a mini-makeover to make it better.

Here it is originally – it doesn’t look too bad from the outside.


Here are some things I want to improve:

The cp only has 2 buttons – need to add a third. Also the buttons & joysticks are a bit worn, time to replace them with new ones.

The control panel is rusted underneath, and the wiring is a bit dodgy – this needs to be fixed.

The outward facing bolt heads are rusted, and don’t look too good.


The fan is noisy, and the fan grill is rusty.


The monitor has enough screen burn to be noticeable.


So first thing is to fix up the control panel. I sanded the rust from underneath, and painted the bottom with a grey rust proof primer. I replaced all buttons and the joysticks with new ones, and fixed up the wiring by adding crimp connectors where previously some wires were soldered directly to the microswitch tabs. You can probably see I label the connectors with tape as I go – makes it easier to reconnect everything later.


For all the rusty bolts, I take them out and use a small wire brush attachment on a rotary tool to remove the rust. I then stick them in a cardboard box, and spray them with satin black rust proof paint to make them look much better,


Now for the fan & grill, I cleaned out the fan by blasting it with some air. For the grill I cleaned it with a wire brush attachment on a power drill, securing the grill on a workbench, and cleaning both sides. I then sprayed it using satin black paint again in a little makeshift spray booth.


Now for the most significant part of the makeover, a new Jomac chassis & 63cm tube. Unfortunately there aren’t many 63cm tubes that work with a Jomac chassis, but some NEC tubes usually work. It took me a while to find a 63cm NEC tube to use, and I did have to buy it (obviously inside the TV!). Here is a pic of the chassis & new tube partly installed inside the cab.


Finally here is a pic of the new chassis running. The photo doesn’t reveal too much, but the screen picture looks absolutely superb. Also all outward facing screws look good, the fan is much quieter, the new joysticks & buttons look & feel great, and I am quite surprised how much better under the control panel looks!


13th December 2008, 10:51 PM
Nicely done! I like that you made the extra effort on even the parts people wouldn't notice (eg respraying underneath the CP).

I also think having two of the same cabient (with different games and a horizontal/vertical combo) gives extra points. :)

13th December 2008, 11:41 PM
Screen looks minty!