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14th July 2006, 02:00 PM

got around to rebuilding the flippers on the tomcat last night.

All but one is ok now - i had to force the sleeve into one - not the best idea.

Anyways, power up the puppy and get all sorts of alarms - batteries flat - but it seems that my lower two display glasses may have died. The lower right was always flakey but now the lower left is gone too.

Anyone have any WMS glasses or know anyone who does?

otherwise off to Marco for me!


14th July 2006, 02:27 PM
Go with Marco. I just got a new DMD from them, it was very well wrapped and arrived within 3 business days. I love their service :D our local suppliers here could learn a few things from them :x

14th July 2006, 03:43 PM
cool - never bought from Marco before - need to get some EM stuff from PBR soon

as much as i would LOVE to buy the new pinLED display panel but at US$220 it is just a tad too much for me atm

will go old school and buy the display tube


14th July 2006, 03:56 PM
pinball life have them a bit cheaper


The guy that runs it [Terry] is really easy to deal with and bulletproofs the stuff for shipping. Also is a bit easier on shipping options than Marco. Airmail, EMS etc and posts on the day or next day of payment being recieved. I use Marco for the more hard to get stuff but you really need to make your order worthwhile because the Fedex can be a killer.

14th July 2006, 04:09 PM
cheers for that

i know the shipping with marco is always nuts

that is why i prefer pbr

will check out pinball life

14th July 2006, 08:44 PM
I'll vouch for Terry at Pinball Life. Always quick and helpful. I'll swing him my business whenever I can.

BAA is pretty good, but you pay more because they carry more stock. I liken them to the Big W of the pinball world.

Marco is usually overpriced in goods and shipping but sometimes the odd bargain pops up. Of course, what you save in the bargain you lose in the shipping. They're shithouse on the communication front though, and won't answer email. Because of all that, I don't buy from them.

Locally I've bought stuff from Mr Pinball Australia (DMD, rubbers etc etc). It's usually cheaper to do a bulk buy from the US (eg over $200). But his stuff is always packed well, he delivers when he says etc. And let's face it - my JM looks a lot better with nice new legs than it did before. I've never had any problems with anything I've bought from him/them.

14th July 2006, 10:17 PM
Hmm PBR :x yes they sell some great parts, but they really stuffed up my last order and having to send a money order is a pain. Give me a place that takes paypal or credit card any day :D

15th July 2006, 09:01 AM
I needed to buy two 16 diget alpha- numeric displays a couple of months ago.
Bumper action wanted $160 EACH, so did mr pinball and filtek. So that would have cost me $320 plus whatever postage costs.

I ended up buying 2 from Pinball life for $49 US EACH plus $35US postage.
It worked out to around $180 aussie dollars for BOTH.
Thats a huge saveing if you ask me although i did think the postage was a bit much, but they were packed very well and got here in about 8 days.
The fella that runs pinball life responded very quickly to any emails i sent him, unlike some places i've dealt with before.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.