View Full Version : Having a frozen moment with a 60 - 1 jamma Jimma

strikes & spares
23rd October 2008, 03:26 PM
Can anybody give me some advice on a problem I'm having with a Jamma 60 -1 thingo
After booting up machine with switch 4 on It says
Line 1CD
line 2 System Check OK
line3 Hardware Check OK
and this is were it stays I've held down buttons jiggled buttons turned it off and on
put it back to switch off then it gets stuck on scanning the 1st game.
have connected the old game card back up and whoshKa it works.
So its gotta be the 60 in 1 card ,Also swore at it .only 84 times though.
Any help to get past this will be very much appreciated.
Many Thanks
Strikes & spares

Arcade King
23rd October 2008, 05:31 PM
Other than making sure its getting a solid +5volts theres not a lot you can do with these things other then get a replacement.
Does it have some sort of pause dip switch?

Fish Tales
23rd October 2008, 08:05 PM
contact the supplier? these things are plug and play

23rd October 2008, 08:59 PM
I was thinking 5v also, but his other old 3 layer board, which would be more sensitive to 5v +/- fluctuation works fine.. :unsure

I reckon its a DUD board...

strikes & spares
24th October 2008, 02:48 AM
Thanks for you're help fella's
I got the poo's with it and walked away leaving it on for about 4 hours, came back in a bettter frame of mind. and turned it off. Switched the switch 4 back to off. Rebooted and it started scanning not getting stuck on one. This time it got stuck on 11 , So rebooted again, This time it went through all 60 games. What might of caused it I configered all games without saving changes after each game configuration, where it says setup ok, (S3) it might of taken a couple of hours checking for changes, or is this wishful thinking. Anyway everything is working , checked Volts with multi metre and it is spot on 5.0 volts. Will see tomorrow if it chucks a wobbly or goes whoooshka.
Is it better to leave an early deluxe hankin cabinet in original condition or is it better to repaint the dashboard ,legs, lower half of machine. Black , at the moment the paintwork on player 1 side dashboard were ther jostick it's pretty ordinary.rest of machine is not to shabby.
Also after playing it for a while, thought a flat screened CTR moniter would mean you slouch more,is this better or worse than a curved one??.I'd be interested in what your thoughts are to this, if I got an old pc moniter and took it apart would this work. the new card has a RGB but the old game does'nt. Is there a doover for this.for old boards. or is it better to leave the old one for originality. it looks like its from the 80's.

Thanks heaps , muchly appreciated
Best Regards
Scotty Caveman
(strikes & spares)

24th October 2008, 07:43 AM
With a Hankin best to keep it original and if you put a VGA monitor in it you totally rule out the ability to play and other games that you might come accross..

Keep it original I say..! But then I've been known to butcher cabs - but never a Hankin..! ;)

strikes & spares
26th October 2008, 03:58 AM
Good day
The card is feezing up and rebooting it gets stuck on the initalation.
So its back it goes. Going to have a look into another card, are all the games on these 48 in 1 and 60 in 1 full version games.
Thanks strikes & spares

Arcade King
26th October 2008, 08:37 AM
yeah as far as i know they are.