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20th September 2008, 08:09 AM
Got 3 of those machine for fixing..

They where all dead..no picture no sound.

They fire up but no pic or sound all fuses was ok.

Started to take one game apart for having an closer look....

Oh...great "Arcade PC" inside and that men hard disk !

using hard disk in arcade games is not the best thing....

So.....this game have an PC inside an old Intel mother board, a special video card and an network card.

It is just an old junk...but hey it was high end back in the old days :D

Start to take an closer look at the parts....hmmm....3Dfx video card made special for this game according to the manual....

Celeron cpu at 400Mhz
64 Mb ram
floppy drive
20GB hard disk
Quantum3d Obsidian2 PCI video card

That video card is hard to get...you can get it from happ for 400$ !

But in my case the vid cards was ok !

But not the hard disk in 2 of the games.

And according to some postings in a different forum you can not copy those you need to buy a new one from happ for 200$

Well...that is BS !

I got one game to start up and it gave me sound and picture but no controls...steering,gas and break was out....

So i took the working hard disk out an put in my pc.

Let chdman make an copy of it and save it as an image file.

Found some 40GB hard disks and put them in my pc and let chdman extract the image back to the new hard disk.

Took the new hard disk and put it in the machine that was working....

Turn the game one and it works like an charm !

end off part 1

20th September 2008, 12:39 PM