View Full Version : Crazy Kong Tricks

30th June 2006, 09:18 PM
Just having a MAME game of Crazy Kong (Orca), since these were what I played a lot as a kid.

Anyone else know any other tricks, apart from these?

Stage 1, level 2 and up where you jump off the first ladder to the right and fall through the bottom of the stage.
Stage 2, level 2 and up where you drop the hammer on the conveyor belt, it disappears but still scores for you.
Stage 3, level 1 only where you double-jump the right-hand elevator to avoid going the long way.
Something about stage 4 where if you completed the level one way, the collapsed girders would be all the same colour, but another way you'd get your "gold bars", where the 8 bits you walked over would be gold.