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18th June 2006, 01:51 PM
Anyone remember the Tilt arcade at Miranda Westfields? It closed down in, I think, 2000. I used to go there lots in the years previous but always tended to play the Mortal Kombat games. Just before they closed down a close friend of mine had a job there. I'd go visit and get dozens of free Tilt Tokens and play the games :D.

My biggest regret though was the closing down sale... they were selling everything in the place for, generally, ridiculous prices. I was so close to buying a two player, sit down Final Lap machine is pretty good nick for $250 but I simply couldn't fit it in my room (I was still home with my parents at the time). In retrospect, I would've been much better going for some of the other machines, from what I remember:

- Sit down Roadblasters - awesome looking machine
- Robocop upright
- Aero Fighters upright
- Rampart upright
- Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
- Steel Talons sit down
- Hard Drivin' upright with pedals
- Sega Hang-On bike

Did anyone here score from that sale? A short while later I remember some kind of arcade machine re-seller below the Rebel Sport on the main street of Miranda. Down the stairs was 50+ machines for sale in various conditions but I remember all too expensive (at least to my eyes at the time - a 20 year old at his first real job!)

18th June 2006, 05:46 PM
I remember the place, and I never had a chance to see their sale before they closed down. A friend of mine has the decathlete from there in a generic LAI cab.

Shame the place had to close, there are no arcades aound there at all anymore :(