View Full Version : Act Labs light gun for 15Khz arcade monitor

6th June 2006, 08:54 PM
Has anyone used one of these in a MAME'd cabinet? My cabinet is a standard lowboy with 21" monitor or so, hooked up with J-Pac and ArcadeVGA card.

I assume the gun connects via USB which is fine, but is it like the light gun on my PS2 from ages ago that had to pass through a composite video lead as well? That ended up with very messy wiring. I'd just want a single USB cable that I can unplug at will - any video cables would mean wiring through the cabinet door or something else rather ugly...

8th June 2006, 06:32 AM
the gun also has to be connected to the vga port as well as usb for it to work, l also have a multi sync monitor which is also connected to the light gun cable as well.
So gun to your computer vga port - monitor connected to lightgun vga port.
Do you get what l mean???