View Full Version : repair help needed in Sydney

5th June 2006, 03:34 PM
ok I have a Indy Jones I sold a while ago that a customer would like some jobs done on
can anyone in Sydney help me I will pay costs of course
listed below is what is needed

please contact me on 03 9720 6422 or email abcbrigh@bigpond.net.au


1. The Path of Adventure

When the path of adventure is activated, the ball is supposed to stop at the top and then the pin drops down and the ball enters the Path of Adventure mini playfield. This is not working, everytime I have tested it, the ball just continues on and rolls all the way down the left hand ramp not even entering the Path of Adventure. This needs to be fixed and obviously this is a key part of the whole game. The Path of Adventure mini playfield moves left and right ok, but I canít seem to get any balls onto it!

2. The Idol.

Again, this needs to be fixed and or adjusted. The balls keep getting stuck and held in the idol and not released until the game resets itself and tests all the bumpers and tries to release caught balls. I think it is not set in place correctly and needs to be taken out and put back in place again. This mainly occurs during mult-ball and locking balls for multi-ball.

5th June 2006, 07:46 PM
I'd help but I know nothing about pinnes! Surely someone here might help out and get a case of beer out of it? :D