View Full Version : Pacland (set2 - set1)

24th May 2008, 07:49 PM
In set2 Pacman has a long nose & a feather in his cap, but it's not just the graphics,
with set1 pacman also sprints a little faster making the game heaps more fun.

The ROMs to change using pacland (set1):

These 2 change the speed:
PL6_1 at location 8B with PL5_01b
PL6_2 at location 8D with PL5_02

These 2 change the graphics:
PL1_10 at location 7E with set1 version
PL1_11 at location 7F with set1 version

PL6_12 at location 6N with PL2_12

Thats it, a better & faster Pacland.

Initially designed as an all buttons game? It's even more fun with a joystick,
but you need the right type, something with a short travel, MCA's are ok,
wouldn't think it would play well with a Happs though.

It's unrelated to the ROM swap but my colours are wrong after some testing with MAME looks like my PROM PL1-1 at location 1R has some problems,
could anyone provide a replacement?? btw my board is an original Namco version.

Cheers, Sean.