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Arcade King
18th May 2008, 07:39 PM
This is pretty much the 1 thing that has shitted me about my Entertainment Centre is running games like R-Type and all the Irem hardware thats similar.
Normally the M72 hardware and everything based on it runs at 384x256@55.01hz
Closest in the ArcadeVGA arsenal is 352x288@51hz but if you have ever tried it its as choppy as shit.
Heres a compromise, in MAMEUI32 right click on a game say R-Type then click Display set video mode to Direct Draw and make sure stretch using hardware is ticked. Next go to Screen and set your resolution to 642x264 make sure Switch resolution to fit is ticked. Run game now it should be as smooth a Dark and Stormy on a hot summers day.
The 642x264@57hz is the closest modeline you will get without setting up custom mode lines. The games are not pixel perfect doing this but they still look great!

I'd like to point out I collect a lot of Irem PCB and this has always shitted me..problem fixed (compromised) ;)

18th June 2008, 01:23 PM
I'll respond here rather than the other thread to keep this more on topic.

From what I understand, the issue with the ArcadeVGA is that you are stuck using the modes it has in it's BIOS, and that are provided to Windows by the driver supplied with.

If you still have the desire to look at this, have a look at PowerStrip:

There's a nice (but old) writeup on ArcadeControls.com on how to use it:

You may be able to manually add in the missing modeline and get the "perfect" mode out, as long as the ArcadeVGA+Windows pair will listen to these new custom modes as well as the ones built in.

Arcade King
18th June 2008, 06:01 PM
I could never get powerstrip to work with my ArcadeVGA. I'm using soft 15khz now anyway with an ATI 9600.
I have no idea how modelines works and how to make my own but if you have any suggestions that would be great.
There is a way to add custom modelines into soft15khz but I wouldn't have a clue how you make one for R-Type


18th June 2008, 06:10 PM
how do you do soft khz.......

19th June 2008, 09:59 AM
I have no idea how modelines works and how to make my own

Did you ever try powerstrip with soft-15khz? As you're using a standard video card, it should work.

To build your own modelines, there are plenty of modeline calculators on the web that do all the maths for you to calculate all the tricky stuff like back and front porches, blanking values, and all that stuff that's too hard to be bothered doing manually. I've got a few command-line ones in Linux, but there are a few websites out there that have them online for easy use.

The arcadecontrols.com forum link I posted above contains a copy of a custom .ini file for powerstrip. Even if you can't figure out how to generate the modes yourself, someone's gone and provided the ini file. Just overwrite your installed one with that one, and the modes should be in there.

Once you enable powerstrip with the custom modes from arcadecontrols.com, firing up MAME and having the modes set to "auto" should just pick the proper forced mode from powerstrip and run smoothly.

19th June 2008, 10:22 AM
Just FYI

I am rebuilding one of my own MAME cabs later this year. It's currently running AdvanceMAME + Linux, which generates the Irem modes fine. But AdvanceMAME is discontinued sadly, so the next rebuild will be Xorg with custom modelines plus SDLMAME.

What I'll try to do if I get the time is do a build in the middle with WinXP and Powerstrip. I'm using just a normal GeForce2MX card in there at the moment, but with a J-Pac running the 15KHz lock mode (ie: it prevents 31KHz modes hitting the monitor). I'll play with soft15khz and powerstrip both together and separately.

I've got a script running in BASH at the moment that goes through every single driver in MAME (via XML output) and generates the data I need for modeline generation, then feeds that into a modeline calculator to make the modelines. I've only tested these in Xorg, and not Powerstrip. But if I can make a working powerstrip ini file or soft15khz custom file, I'll post it for download on my site.

If all goes well, I'll have some quiet time in September to play with all of this. At the moment work is retarded, and all my projects and hobbies have been on hold since around this time last year. 12 months without hobbies is an easy way to drive yourself mad.