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Mickey Juice
28th April 2008, 11:15 AM
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has some fool proof methods for soldering PS2 modchips ie Mainly for soldering onto the legs of this sucker:


I've done a V9 console before which was ok cause I could find alt connections for that chip (tho I accidentally bent a pin with my razor blade! :( talk about stress getting it back!) now I'm doing my slim model 79002 (v18?)

Is the razor trick worth doing?


What about fixing the wire in place before soldering? ie glue, dble sided tape?
I've tried manually holding it, but I think the risk is too high of slipping and creating a short.

What is your preferred method?

28th April 2008, 11:41 AM
Tin the wire first then put a little bit of solder on the leg. Makes it easier when both are pre tinned.

28th April 2008, 12:47 PM
Some very good quality gel rework flux and a small tip temperature controlled iron with a very clean tip along with a good magnifying lamp. I do it by hand without the razor or any tape etc, just hold it in place and then apply heat and let the flux do its job. Also if the board is a little bit dirty, clean the surface and the pins with isopropyl alcohol first to ensure a good contact.

Mickey Juice
28th April 2008, 12:57 PM
I've got the gear ie temp controlled iron and magnifying visor (cheaper than a lamp and works great :)) etc Just havn't has as much practice with the fine chip leg soldering

Mickey Juice
30th April 2008, 09:50 AM
Some very good quality gel rework flux. I do it by hand without the razor or any tape etc, just hold it in place and then apply heat and let the flux do its job.

Where do you get the gel rework flux from?

Ok, to say this was a f'n nightmare is an understatement!
To quote Ramsey "Fk me Holy Moses!"

I tried a few techniques ie razor (crap). I initially tried holding the wire straight down and soldering, but more times than not when I applied the soldering iron, the wire would slip sideways ie inbetween the chip legs and create a short.

The best method I found was tin the end of the wire (experience tells you how much I'm afraid) and then bend it at 90 degrees. Then I could hold the wire firm on top on the chip while applying heat to the tinned end.

Best tip came from DevoDave ie use 'GootWick' desoldering braid for spills... If I had this proper stuff it would have saved me a few hours work...
because I had a solder blob on the legs... which I couldn't really get off (the cheap braid I had was shit!!) so I was using a razor to scrape the solder/ seperate the pins but I managed to push the solder to the bottom of the legs causing a bigger problem/short.

This was the mess:

Long story short 2 pads came off, and ended up being in between the legs on the mobo. This is where I nearly gave up and sent the whole thing off to DevoDave.
Using a blade I removed semi-loose solder pads and then was left with 2 loose legs.
After getting the normal modchip wires on the chip I fixed the missing pads by connecting one leg to a via (pad) further up the trace. The other one I just scraped back the track and then could connect a wire and run it back to the mod chip (ie one wire to leg, one to track both connecting on the mod chip end.

The unmarked via was the leg that lost it's pad, and the 'G' connection was the other


It looks messy, but its fine work and highly magnified. I'll get cleaner with experience:

I used a single strand of wire from some hookup wire to make the connection from leg to via. The other track has been scraped back but nothing connected yet:

The extra wire is added in here, connected to the track

Main tips:
- Use quality desoldering braid ie 'gootwick' brand, can be bought from Jaycar for $5.
- Fine tip soldering iron is a must
- Magnification is a must, either a lamp or head visor (which I used, recommended! From DSE)
- Good lighting is a must.

30th April 2008, 12:21 PM
Where do you get the gel rework flux from?

You can get the Multicore flux from Wes or AIM flux from Okay Technologies. Its not cheap stuff but if your doing surface mount stuff regularly then its worth while having.

30th April 2008, 06:40 PM
Another tip from DevoDave. Use Kynar single-strand wire. Use nothing else!

I don't know how you managed to get this far using the multistrand wire I think you are using.

4th April 2009, 03:10 PM
I had success with Jaycar's conductive glue with PS2 modchipping. Just used some hot glue on top to make sure the contacts stayed.

In general SMD work is annoying when you have the DTs! :P

31st July 2009, 07:45 AM
In general SMD work is annoying when you have the DTs! :P

Ive done lots of hand SMD work. Doesnt matter how steady your hand is, it always seems like your soldering on a roller coaster.

Many a time I have had components stick to the iron Im using and toasted them (caps, resistors, etc.).

Pre tin, touch and your good.

Also I suggest finding SN63 solder, normal solder has 60% tin, 40% lead. SN63 is 63% tin. We used it at British Aerospace. Unlike normal solder it doesnt have a plastic stage as the solder cools. Pretty much instant molten to solid cooling. Much nicer to use as you dont have to worry about anything moving while it cools creating a bad joint.