View Full Version : 1000 in one hide games list...

20th April 2008, 09:34 PM
Hi All,
hoping anther hacker of these XXX in one's can help.
After adding some more games and making the Special List into all Cockatil games (Friggin hours of work going through every game seeing if it can go into cocktail mode)
I've somehow screwed up the setting to hide the other games lists.

Basically I only want the Special List showing, but when I select the other lists to hide I get an error message in Chinese, then throws me back to the Game list menus... Bugger..

I though it may be the files located in ..\mamep\ini directory, eg. game-0.ini .
This is the All Gmaes List. Theres a setting, cycle_list 1. I changed this to 0 and did so with all of them except game-9.ini which is the Special List.
Unfortunately this did not work.
So hoping someone knows either how to fix this or what file to modify..