View Full Version : Any one been here and had a look

Virgil Tracy
8th May 2006, 09:38 PM
I found this in the trading post, just curious if any one has been there or know who they are.

ARCADE MACHINE SELLOUT Driving, Motor Cycle, Shooting, Pinballs & Video Game Machines. All in good working condition, at discount prices. Call or visit for Pricelist. TStars & Stripes Amusements Factory 18, 25 Parramatta Rd, Underwood Qld. 4119 (07)32901991

8th May 2006, 10:14 PM
they restore pinnys mostly out there and they do a dam fine job too. they have a list of about 50 you can order, i nearly bought a lethal weapon off them.

they also have a second level to their gigantic shed that is full of 26" lowboys, neo geo's and heaps of other stuff, which is what they are getting to in their trading post add. unfortunately for us it is a load of crap. i was going to ring up but garuda beat me to it. they are pretty much selling everything but still at their abnormally high prices.

it really depends on what day you go there as to the prices of things. i've heard him say $150 for a double dragon 2 board and the next month he says $300. his arcade machines are in average to good condition and have probably been sitting there for the better part of a decade (uncleaned). i wouldn't bother going out there or anything.