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  1. score reels go beserk
  2. FT illumination problem
  3. Setting playfield angle without inclinometer
  4. score display
  5. Hook
  6. Repairing Bally 6 digit displays
  7. Mylar to remove or not to remove
  8. Working fuse doesn't work!
  9. Repair Log: Stern SB-100 soundboard
  10. Using NVRAM in pinball
  11. Infamous? 'Congo'
  12. replacement transistors
  13. Hi guys
  14. Record year for pinball repairs.
  15. lotr pinball balrog fault (fixed)
  16. data east star wars help!
  17. nba fastbreak motor
  18. dot matrix flickering
  19. Dr Who Mini Playfield Opto Error
  20. pcb repairs
  21. The danger of working on pinballs
  22. Medieval Madness trolls..
  23. Monster Bash Phantom Flip
  24. IJ Matrix fun and games
  25. Data East Power Supply C2 cap
  26. Freddy Help
  27. Bally SS lamp driver board
  28. bally SS solenoid driver board + expander
  29. Medusa Fixes
  30. Demo Man, STNG and Spirit of 76
  31. IJ Mode Start Hole
  32. IJ - Multiball problem and POA fix
  33. Xenon Log
  34. board tec
  35. Random Reset Issue - Any Ideas
  36. Resets on TAF, WH2O and Dr Who
  37. EB's Doctor gets a house-call
  38. Sega star wars trilogy possesed
  39. WPC DMD and sound issues
  40. williams 11b "c"side error
  41. Rescue 911 Helicopter Rebuild
  42. Gottlieb 'Pro Football' owner question..
  43. IJ 3-sw Opto PCB assembly
  44. No 5v LED D21 on WPC DMD
  45. WPC DMD Boots up but cant start a game
  46. 9th column switches for IJ
  47. Revenge from Mars lucky repair (maybe)
  48. RFM saucer LEDs
  49. Williams Getaway (High Speed 2) Supercharger Problem
  50. Time Warp ROM 1 problem
  51. Twilight Zone
  52. DR Who resets
  53. WPC-89 volume going low
  54. Stern Early SS Sound Board Fix
  55. Last action hero - various crane and playfield faults
  56. Spinning Balrog Motor on Lord of The Rings
  57. Strange IJ problem
  58. Roadshow original U22 security chip wanted
  59. Coil working in test but not in gameplay....
  60. Swords of fury fllipers capacitators
  61. Last Action Hero from hell repair log
  62. AC/DC F10 Fuse problem
  63. Data East - Back To The Future
  64. Schematics Misleading and otherwise!!!!
  65. Bally SS playfield switches not firing the correct solenoid!!! SOLVED!! 74LS154 Chip
  66. WPC Power Driver Board - no solenoids or general illumination (GI)
  67. DCS sound board fix - very loud noise at power on
  68. Repairing a NEW WPC MPU board (a-la Womble style) LONG post
  69. Stern Flipper Problem
  70. Has anyone got an alternative to replacement of Q1 on a System 80 Pop Bumper Board
  71. IJ POA issue
  72. Getaway start up issue
  73. Dirty Harry Gun working intermittently
  74. LOTR Balrog motor only turning one way
  75. DMD Lines missing due to flex ribbon lifting
  76. Stern 5 Balls Missing Error
  77. No Fear - Ball not launching into Skyldive hole
  78. Gottlieb Space Orbit - 1972 - Repair log
  79. WMS WPC DMD Diagnostics Page Error: How to diagnose and fix
  80. From a Dirty Girl to a Cosmic Princess
  81. Robot double trouble
  82. Help needed with IJ.
  84. Phantom of the tip
  85. Whitewater dramas....fixed, I hope......
  86. Power supply DATA EAST
  87. Centaur "Say it Again"
  88. Need help on TFTC
  89. STTNG: the fix
  90. Taxi Display - Alternate Build
  91. Repair Dull Gottlieb Blue Displays
  92. ID4 coin switches fire whole row
  93. SYS11b MPU repair
  94. Handy Pinball Parts look up site
  95. Dr who balls jamming in multiball.
  96. Flipper switch wiring
  97. Fish Tales catapult launch during lock
  98. Atari Space Riders Repair/Restoration.
  99. Flickering optos Addams family
  100. Transformer humming loudly johnny mnemonic
  101. Firepower not ejecting ball from top eject hole
  102. Medieval Madness sticky porticullis (gate)
  103. Bally 6 digit display
  104. D-12232-0 to D-12232-2 or D-12232-3. Williams Alpha Numeric Display Conversion.