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  1. Turn Old TV's into Arcade Monitors
  2. Jomacs Universal Chassis
  3. Service with the personal touch
  4. Comments or Questions
  5. Change to Jomac's Section
  6. Wei-ya digital OSD chassis problem (and solution?)
  7. Need your help Joey!
  8. Kortek 20"Copy of Nanao MS7-20L
  9. Dull monitor
  10. need ya advice JOEY
  11. monitor test rig ?
  12. Mirror Image
  13. Asteroids dramas
  14. Black and White monitors
  15. thanks for the adaptor
  16. Help setting up a test pattern generator
  17. thankyou JOMAC
  18. Cap Kits
  19. Small picture
  20. New Chassis Myth Bust
  21. My Jomac Experience.
  22. Looking for a Tri-sync chassis
  23. wntd---Chassis for a 23" monitor
  24. video out problem
  25. Big Thanks To Jomac
  26. Thanx Jomac!
  27. chassis prob
  28. Questions about using the universal chassis with a TV tube.
  29. tube help
  30. old tele with rgb out puts
  31. More TV tube questions.
  32. Monitor Sync Query
  33. Universal chassis for really big tubes?
  34. Thanks to Mr Jomac
  35. arcade chassis
  36. how can one tell if a tv tube is any good
  37. A Big Thank You to Jomac!
  38. what arcade chassis matched to what tubes?
  39. Hey Joey
  40. degause wire extending
  41. hooking up a chassis
  42. kz14E and kz20E monitor
  43. is a tube with a colour going suitable?
  44. A big thanks and thumbs up for Joey ;)
  45. Another thankyou Joey post
  46. Default!! Chassis repair job!!!!!!
  47. black and white tube
  48. Shipping
  49. EMAIL Problems ??
  50. NANAO KB240331B cuts out
  51. Vector Monitor
  52. thanks mate SUPER SERVICE
  53. Can you fix my Kortek?
  54. NANAO MS7-18B PSU replacement.
  55. degauss spot
  56. JVC TV Pictures - Reading?
  57. Replacement monitor for cocktail cab
  58. Kortek Chassis and Orion tube 240v or 110v
  59. static noise from the tube and out of sync pic
  60. What is the best TV's to use for your chasis..?
  61. how to tell if a tube has died
  62. Jomac chassis.
  63. old chassis worth collecting for anything
  64. long term effects of not degaussing
  65. Monitor Choice
  66. rear projection unit
  67. Another Joey is tops thread.
  69. Snip snip snip all wires are cut?
  70. B & W TV/monitors
  71. chassis id mate
  72. nanao chassis
  73. What is the equivilent of 'contrast' on an arcade chassis/tube?
  74. "Super" Uni chassis possibility?
  75. My Nanao Display woes (blue flickering on/off)
  76. Can I get bulk discount on multiple chassis repairs
  77. Sanyo old tv
  78. kaga denshi hookup
  79. parts needed
  80. HELP WANTED to locate an old CRT Part for a Matsushita MCA
  81. Namco Cyber Cycle
  82. how to flip monitor around
  83. tubes on the way out?
  84. tv problem
  85. Another tv Problem
  86. Monitor/Chassis Wiring Help
  87. deguassing
  88. Adjusting colour gain and bias
  89. Lost Blue Colour - 25" Monitor
  90. TV color problem purity issues
  91. Dual Sync to Comp Sync Circuit
  92. More focus needed on Uni chassis?
  93. Why is Jomac so highly recommended?
  94. Graphic Fault
  95. Need some honest opinions please
  96. Monitor issue ....
  97. lcd replacement size
  98. replacing the eht cap
  99. TouchScreen Monitor issue
  100. chassis fixable mate?
  101. Outrun
  102. 10" swap advice sought!
  103. KAGA KZ-20EN-L adjustment? (Newbie!)
  104. Blue is flickering/dying
  105. No blue gun on WG 27D9200 neckboard
  106. request for info on universal chassis suitability for Konami Time pilot output...
  107. LAI 20" Woodgrain Lowboy orion tube no name on the chassis
  108. help needed with Road Riot 4wd monitor
  109. distorted pic on Orion Tube
  110. 68cm Mitsi for chassis upgrade
  111. Monitor question for a friend
  112. Fear of electrocution - recommendations?
  113. Arcade Machine Help Needed Please
  114. TV turning green
  115. monitor help
  117. Universal Chassis to VGA
  118. TC3 GUN
  119. Monitor help: busted neck board?
  120. ms-8
  121. Nanao monitor board 26 inch
  122. Self inflicted monitor problem
  123. this might sound silly but....
  124. Can you tilt picture ?
  125. Apparent V-sync issue
  126. monitor screen not straight
  127. How do I adjust horizontal width?
  128. LAI degaussing button
  129. Vertical colour mis-matches
  130. type of monitor in LAI neo geo
  131. degaussing screen
  132. I believe I have a problem with my chassis...
  133. pentranic chassis suitability
  134. taking apart a tv for a jomac
  135. Yoke swaping
  136. Scrolling lines over top of display
  137. procedure for tuning/adjusting in a new board
  138. Sharp Image (Jomac Chassis) dead
  139. Monitor fires up then fades to dark over a 10-20 second period
  140. Dead Chassis??
  141. U2000 - Horizontal position?
  142. Dead Screen on my Astro City
  143. Connecting the degaussing coil on a 15k/24k uni chassis
  144. Wil lthis TV work?
  145. A big thanks to Joe
  146. Hey..Whats going on here
  147. 5 Pin headers needed
  148. Chassis transplant
  149. Flyback replacement red horizontal line
  150. 63cm tv's
  151. Jomac Custom Universal Dual-Res Chassis Installation
  152. Chassis monitor switches connector broken
  153. nanao ms 2931
  154. Overdose of colour
  155. Chasis pin connection?
  156. Joey, a Top Bloke
  157. Monitor Problem - Is it the chassis?
  158. measuring info
  159. jomac's mail server ok?
  160. Other devices on Jomac chassis
  161. Quick Question Mate nanao kb240331c
  162. jomac universal 12pin highimpedance crt virginal questions
  163. nanao mitsubishi tube 20" probs
  164. Is this a monitor / chassis / board problem?
  165. Taito neck board lose wire
  166. A little help?
  167. Screen advice
  168. Chassis question
  169. WTB: Arcade Monitor RGB 4p Chassis or RGBSync 5p connectors/cables
  170. CRT earth placement on tube neck board
  171. RGB Yoke wiring
  172. Thanks again Joey
  173. An issue with the new VGA adapter?
  174. Namco time crisis dx monitor replacement is it possible?
  175. 25" tube and kortek chassis advice needed
  176. Screen producing alot of red
  177. Nanao MS8 Color bleed, geometry
  178. removing old flyback lead fitting new one (jomac uni chassis)
  179. Is there a fix for this ??? thin line on monitor
  180. Options for replacing a 29" monitor.
  181. a liitle help
  182. Screen for a test bench
  183. Kortek KT-1420A Orion tube 19" replacement Samsung tube A48KRD82X
  184. Nanao 26" Low/Med Res Monitor Fix
  185. KZ-20EN Chassis connections help
  186. require a universal chassis for my 21" TV
  187. Help with Astro City Candy Cab monitor
  188. Chassis to suit KZ-20EN-B
  189. Where do the wires go on the yoke
  190. Ceronix 1492 assistance please
  191. Thin wavy lines on bottom of monitor
  192. Jomac = Awesome
  193. monitor discolouration when cabinet top fluro is on
  194. Nanao MS2931
  195. chassis for a 34"/86cm crt tube
  196. Chassis needed?
  197. Chassis repair or replace?
  198. AARHGGH Blown something?
  199. 33" Monitor
  200. Monitor chassis help
  201. Very faint squiggly line left side of screen
  202. Question about a dual res Nanao chassis when used for a MAME setup?
  203. Horizontal size on a Nanao chassis
  204. Joey what do think is causing this ?
  205. Wells-Gardner Monitor Fault
  206. Unable to remove flyback lines from image.
  207. Chassis for 25" tube.
  208. How to test if its the Chassis or tube that needs replacing
  209. Notice to Non Australian residence / members
  210. Help with monitor
  211. Faulty Kortek KTX26 chassis
  212. Joey my other Astro has gone crazy .......fixable ?
  213. Nanao MS8-26SG Horizontal sync issue
  214. Hold issue on MS8 - 26SE chassis
  215. Tube failure
  216. Can this NEC TV tube be used in an arcade machine?
  217. ArcadeVGA and Jomac chassis sync issue
  218. Which wires for V and H yoke connections?
  219. Degauss and earth strap
  220. Tube fading out / in
  221. Two thumbs up for Jomac
  222. problems with jomac website
  223. Grundig tubes
  224. Juicer . No 2nd speed
  225. Minimizing Bloom on Jomac Chassis.
  226. SOLVED - Degaussing Issue on Rotated CRT
  227. Blurry Monitor after being on for more than 5-10 minutes
  228. Thanks Joey
  229. Hi Jomac
  230. Flyback for Nanao
  231. 26" Chassis
  232. Universal Chassis Query
  233. Chassis Query NEC tube
  234. Breakout Monitor.
  235. Glowing dot on screen after turning off is that normal / OK? Jomac Chassis & TV Tube
  236. Wells gardner D9200 clicks and sparks on power on
  237. Universal chassis, mitsubishi tube
  238. Buck hunter picture on fills 3/4 of screen
  239. Joey your mail box is full
  240. Clicking noise coming from monitor no picture
  241. Nanao MS2931 stuck in protection
  242. ORION 2022 replacement chassis?
  243. Pentranic ch-288 with no red?
  244. EHT Transtormer For Touch Master
  245. Focus adjust failing on flyback G3. Hope it's not termial.
  246. Kortek 20" Chassis Repair/Replacement
  247. linearity issues on new chassis
  248. Nanao MS7-20L to Weiya 820HR Swap and a Question
  249. Is there any service/ check to do on the tubes or coils?
  250. Problem with Nanao MS8-26BAS flickering