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  22. want to buy a pinmame pinball machine
  23. Awesome - we now have a dedicated forum!!!!
  24. PinMame and the like
  25. Will this run Virtual Pinball in desktop mode nicely
  26. Cowabunga...
  27. At Last medieval Madness is in the house! well not quite lol
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  29. Tv's in virtaul pin.
  30. My lessons learnt
  31. TheGyrussWS wide screen for VP9
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  33. virtual/arcade pinball machine.Can someone please assist me!
  34. I fu***** hate hyperpin and vp setup
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  42. Zaccaria Pinball
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  44. Implementing buttons & plungers?
  45. "New" Pinball Cabinet
  46. What hardware are you running?
  47. Anyone got VPinMaMe Cabinet?
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  50. Kogan 40" led tv's $299
  51. Hello to all & Help needed please
  52. What Sound System to use?
  53. Design help: Closet cabinet - from vertical to horizontal folding bracket solution??
  54. 46" Kogan TV Playfield
  55. Quick switch wiring question
  56. Best angle for mounting playfield TV
  57. Tilt switch?
  58. Do I need this?
  59. re: cooling the cabinet
  60. Like the using real flippers for VP idea!
  61. Extending pc on/off switch to cab
  62. Virtual pin on a tablet ?? is it possible .
  63. Anyone kind enough to demo their hyperpin?
  64. Force feedback
  65. Infinity Virtual Pinball - 42" playfield - Gameplay Mixup
  66. XP or WIN7 ?
  67. playfield mount
  68. Help, My brain feels like a pinball !!!! Pinball considerations
  69. IPAC issue any thoughts
  70. Package of 416 VP9 2screen tables and db2s backglasses to match, ready to play
  71. Playfield TV questions - 100Hz and Kogan
  72. Pinball Missing on all tables in VP 990
  73. VP and Windows 7 64 bit
  74. What plunger to go with
  75. Ghostbusters
  76. Guns N Roses - No Sound
  77. would this tv suffice for a playfield?
  78. Sharing physmod5 tables
  79. How many buttons do you have?
  80. Pinball Arcade DX11 Beta
  81. All Analog Nudges Go Same Direction
  82. Anyone in SA willing to demo a PinCab for me
  83. Fitting a 46" into a Bally widebody
  84. Does 3D Virtual Pinball Exist?
  85. Virtual Pinball vs Real Pinball
  86. Which would be better ?
  87. VP and the New Windows 10
  88. Need help with empty cab
  89. Post pics of your flipper buttons
  90. Table pictures - VPForums / VP 9?
  91. Please help me build a bartop Pinball Arcade cab :)
  92. Pinball Arcade (PC) in Virtual Pinball Cab
  93. VPX heads up!
  94. VP Help Request
  95. Realtime feedback / contacts in a Virtual Pinball machine
  96. How to find roms and there matching tables?
  97. Virtual Pinball Primer
  98. help with a few things in a DIY vpin cab.
  99. looking to make a vp
  100. Anyone know of a reasonable cabniet cutting service in Brisbane
  101. HDD died on my Virtaul Pin
  102. virtual pin v3 plunger
  103. Virtual Pinball Plunger Switch Setup
  104. I ruled the Universe!
  105. [QLD] - Want to Swap 42" Plasma TV for 40" TV
  106. Pro Pinball Timeshock Ultra Edition - Anyone tried it?
  107. Newbie cabinet building questions
  108. Lots of Questions Before I Buy Bits
  109. Has anyone had experience with EL Wire?
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  111. the vp contributor RANDR pinball collection
  112. New pinballx future pinball cabinet
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  114. Help on options to Auto Start LCD TV
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  116. Aquired a VP Cab
  117. Pin2DMD and Stern ROMS
  118. Pin2DMD and Pinball FX2
  119. Pin2DMD stops working when adding IPAC-VE and/or TP-Link WiFi USB adaptor
  120. My VP Performance with my PC specs running VP9 and or VP10
  121. Build log of Virtual Pinball from scratch
  122. artwork question
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  124. Getting DMD into position on a 2nd/3rd screen VPX
  125. Virtual Pin Build (Finally Started)
  126. cheap tv's ebay -dick smith - kogan - 20% discount
  127. Balls Dropping under Playfield
  128. PC in a case or out
  129. Virtual Pinball keyboard box?
  130. wanted: high-res pic of Bon Scott translite - please?
  131. Hi guys
  132. Soniq e32v15b tv help
  133. Weird vpx backglass issues
  134. Microsoft net framework issue
  135. VPX flipper stutter
  136. Could anyone please help me get started using VpinMAME or any other Virtual pinball
  137. Help needed please new to virtualpinball
  138. Pinball fx2 launching issue
  139. VPX two screen issue
  140. AMD card for VPX?
  141. Colourising DMD - The Getaway
  142. Any Adelaide locals about?
  143. VP and SPIKE emulation
  144. New (ish) FB group for Vp new releases and news
  145. Best TV size for Virtual Pinball
  146. My "arcade vs pinball" cabinet
  147. Plunger options
  148. Any one in albury or wodonga that is doing a VP project or intersted in doing one?
  149. Pinup Popper Frontend. Replacement for pinballx
  150. PIN2DMD stopped working
  151. Buying a virtual pinball
  152. HELP fire/launch button won't work!!!
  153. Contemplating Virtual Pinball Build. Any Melb Locals able to let me check out theirs?
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  164. new Pinbally frontend
  165. Wtf
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