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  1. F*ckwit councils and possums!
  2. light fittings, tried to change one, now I have lost 3 ceiling lights
  3. 100% Feedback - 10 years on eBay and my first potential dispute
  4. The Juliar giveth and the Juliar taketh away.
  5. anyone who uses a full stop as their name in multiplayer games, especially in teams
  6. Will you be paying your next water bill??????
  7. $30 fee to get a delivery rough time from a transport company
  8. Australia Post SUX
  9. Do you know what grinds my gears?
  10. Goodbye Mary Jo Fisher
  11. Game Thief
  12. Buying a faulty tv over eBay
  13. no startrek voyager again this sat night on 11. Bloody Masterchef!
  14. Happy Carbon Taxed Based Lifeform Day!!
  15. Please Explain , PayPal
  16. Ebay rules really suck
  17. Craig Thomson
  18. getting back my bond.
  19. How's the NBN going???...just throw an extra 4 billion into it...no worries mate..
  20. Bad solar company in SA
  21. Naked mods in chat, be quick! NSFW
  22. Is Italy an ok place...yes or no?.....comments?
  23. kids jumping my fence to see our new dog.
  24. Celebration Time?
  25. The Journalism we need.
  26. Aussie Post Whine
  27. Storage and the gamer mind
  28. *NEWS FLASH* Homepin apologises to a member - readers GOBSMACKED!
  29. Mods please delete - matter resolved.
  30. My Daily Ebay Rant, by DisQo
  31. Keep an eye out for me!!
  32. Jerked around by an Ex Member...
  33. DisQo has something to say....
  34. Gummi Bears - Why are they so good! but so Evil!
  35. Cheap, dangerous, dodgy products for children from Asia
  36. Ebay buyer blackmailing me or is this legit?
  37. Dead PC
  38. Well this should get people with solar panels buying battery banks!!
  39. Unhelpful seller of an arcade machine on ebay (shock)
  40. new girls on the block
  41. Another ebay rant
  42. This forum becoming a console forum
  43. SOS URGENT help me!!!
  44. scams on gumtree becoming more frequent now trying to sell pinballs
  45. pcb bought from AA member
  46. Extremely Tough Year :/
  47. Price check in aisle three
  48. Anthony Mundine
  49. So my wife & I went to dinner tonight.....(pinball story inside)
  50. Selling a used car
  51. Australia Post higher charges - and as usual eBay doesn't keep pace
  52. Solar Eclipse **WARNING** - Nov 14th
  53. Bretty empty you pm's
  54. I just lost a massive post!!!!!
  55. "your bitch" a short real life story
  56. smartphone addiction
  57. Neighbors who f^* k you off
  58. Bad thoughts :)
  59. catchoftheday
  60. I just won a million dollars
  61. Men Who Bash Women
  62. Real or Fake - which do you like looking at best ???
  63. How much does a simple "APP" usually cost to write?
  64. Don't the power providers piss you off?
  65. My child serves so your child doesn't have to.
  66. Paypal Payments as a Gift
  67. Teenagers...
  68. Some Aussie businesses do not do themselves any favours....
  69. Ebay clown sends stupid comment.....why bother?
  70. Public breastfeeding
  71. Did the world end...or what
  72. Insomnia - fkn hate it
  73. Why can't Queenslander's use roundabouts properly?
  74. This is why I'm starting to hate Ebay
  75. Why is it important to use correct grammar & spelling?
  76. How stupid have we all become?
  77. Old people and batteries
  78. Allied Express - getting pi$$ed
  79. Free our old Arcade games from their Copyright prisons.
  80. Federal election called for Sept 14
  81. I just learnt something
  82. MC Donalds now has cultlery Warilla is on the world map
  83. Wife just lost her job AGAIN today
  84. never trust a copper ...
  85. Jaycar electronics Price Gouging Aussies
  86. NON - political thread - we are being screwed AGAIN!
  87. 12 People got sacked today were i Work
  88. "Coupon Companion" installs with the CNET Downloader...
  89. Have to make the hardest decision in my life on someone elses Job
  90. I made a citizens arrest last night.
  91. Luke - Please clear your pm's mate :)
  92. 2013 - Not my year..
  93. Bitcoin
  94. Cardinal----- pedophilia is an illness and not a crime
  95. Cancer is Fu#*ED
  96. SUZO HAPP - Shipping
  97. EBAY Fees going up again!
  98. 3D Printed guns. welcome to the future.
  99. how to Lockup a shipping container?????
  100. The Duality of Aussie Arcade
  101. F*n insurance companies!!
  102. The biggest question of why does...... on google?
  103. Truck drivers
  104. Call centres - an anti-bitch
  105. Damn, just at the worst time something breaks....
  106. Spiderman called me today!
  107. Bastard Ebayer non-payment
  108. goodes, apes, whiteys, racisism, furism, eddy, wogs, and PC c@nts, etc thread
  109. Moving
  110. Surfer pinball your inbox is full
  111. Goddamn traffic cops
  112. Large Water Tanks - Experiences?
  113. Bitten bad by the black dog
  114. Listing Items As "UNTESTED"
  115. Frozen coke scam
  116. eBay knobs
  117. Want to sell on ebay on my terms
  118. Another Gumtree rant
  119. ding dong the witch is dead & Krudd will be soon!
  120. Mr Pinball. Dont bother paying for express shipping.
  121. Bloody scam emails
  122. I hate banks!
  123. Dan's Post rant # 56
  124. Gumtree sellers location!! Don't select CBD when you live 1 hour away!
  125. Telstra 3G/4G Mobile Broadband vs NBN bitch.
  126. Dodgy desoldering iron
  127. Loves eBay not
  128. wanka tow truck driver
  129. Internet Arguments
  130. Facebook For Sale Sites
  131. Lazy dole blugger mongral
  132. not wooz, jjpop, or bimpa attraction thread. Charity collector wouldn't take my money
  133. How do people live with themselves?
  134. who are you voting for poll
  135. Bloody wife's......
  136. Aldi LED Downlights
  137. eBay clowns
  138. Microsoft Windows 8 I HATE IT.
  139. For f sake
  140. Australia Post - Upcoming Changes
  141. Telstra. Always check your bills!!
  142. Should I complain A/C damage by installers
  143. loosing interest dribbly rant, man emotional time lol
  144. Idiot of the week nomination : scanner fail
  145. Philippines mega storm. Im freakin rite now
  146. What Grinds My Gears - Australia Post Parcel Delivery
  147. Philippines mega storm.update
  148. Don't blame me I didn't vote for Tony Abbott
  149. Airwatch Mobile Device Management
  150. People buying from AA!
  151. READ THIS. Important
  152. Santa?s shopping list- BEATS Headphones. I must live on another planet!
  153. PC Australia
  154. Sad day - Toll Ipec have lost my Stargate Pinball :-(
  155. Just got into Uni
  156. Solar Garden Lights
  157. Lost my wallet today
  158. Doctor Fees
  159. Spam from NokiaMail customers
  160. Faulty Sited Pins
  161. My fish has herpes!
  162. Bloody Microsoft
  163. Can You Help me with a Job so i can keep my Pins
  164. Daughters iPhone Stolen
  165. Real estate agents
  166. Perth Guys. Heading your way then road trip to Newcastle
  167. Transport offer Bris to syd or anywhere in between
  168. Red light fine
  169. Pearce in or out of Origin?
  170. Federal Budget..........thoughts?
  171. Annoyed
  172. Relisting "Sold" Ebay Items
  173. more reason not to use ebay
  174. Rik Mayall gone at 56 - RIP
  175. Bottle shop carton prices ???
  176. is there a cure for the deadly Man Flu
  177. 3 months to get amp repaired,still not fixed!
  178. Costco - North Lakes Qld
  179. Thinking Of Changing Job - Opinions Wanted
  180. Yanks make me laugh sometimes
  181. Just Venting
  182. People steal anything
  183. Sent messages by PM. How to find??
  184. Abbott just said smartest thing ever(for him)
  185. bloody ebay sellers not getting what they want
  186. My sexuality
  187. Bullies
  188. P Platers that sit in the Right lane doing 90 and think this is normal
  189. What don't you have to tie down?
  190. Robbed at Adelaide Show
  191. Uh-Oh @robm - Better wear gloves in future!
  192. Bonds "Boobicon billbord campain
  193. fishing
  194. I don't want to live in the USA
  195. You know your middle aged when...
  196. Qld Health Sucks - I need to vent!
  197. What is the scam? Airlines
  198. drunken bum
  199. Invasion of a AA Member privacy
  200. G20 - What a crock of shit
  201. Stupid Brisbane storm yesterday
  202. Car Insurance - Will I get shafted?
  203. ( POST) The Great food places in your Town / State that have Great Service & Food
  204. Effing FleaBay sellers
  205. And they wonder why ??????
  206. Acdc Luci
  207. History in dock (Mac)
  208. How to: awesome mad skillz call of duty mods downloads
  209. Homepin, really?
  210. Working Australia Day
  211. "The Sound of Music" - for discussion.....
  212. GLWS Posts In For Sale Threads
  213. Tennis gives me the shites
  214. Boys Club Memberships
  215. A 'Thank you' would be nice
  216. WOW --- This should be the crappest movie ever made..
  217. Is this a new attempt at a paypal scam?
  218. Cannot get closer than this
  219. Why do people wrap Mangoes on the tree
  220. Are we due for the Recession that we never had ?
  221. Nanna's Mixed Berries.
  222. Qld Govt Allocate Millions for Lane Upgrades
  223. You know you're old
  224. WTF Aust Post
  225. Dodgy Sydney toll road fees?
  226. Pinball parts rant
  227. Gumtree is full of retards???
  228. Do you think This is a scam
  229. KKO Store - Third Party App Store Scam
  230. Geelong Cats.
  231. Firefox strikes again! Grrrrrr
  232. AirAsia, you suck.
  233. Empty your PM/inbox
  234. Sweet bliss
  235. Have you been burnt by PayPus? Please post ONLY if yes.
  236. Adams a bit rich
  237. trick question
  238. Alan Bond- Australia's biggest fraudster
  239. Workplace politics
  240. Sometimes pinball sh#ts me
  241. Soon you can buy a house wired like a 60 in 1
  242. Child Support
  243. HELP!!! Ebay pickup St Kilda Rd Melbourne
  244. MM playfield
  245. glad we had insurance!
  246. Adam internet
  247. Sponsor links not working
  248. Stunning service from EMS!
  249. Insurance renewal
  250. Any other Westpac customers here?