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  1. Pac-man the TV series
  2. Any hard to find spare parts wanted?
  3. Jukebox for sale - Ex Trade-in
  4. How many games can you recognise?
  5. Can we name all these characters?
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  7. ***ORDERS CLOSED*** Discount Ipac2, Ipac4, Minipac Opti, Minipac Std
  8. Play space invaders at oztion
  9. Vinyl cutter purchase. Anyone interested in SA?
  10. www.gameroom.com.au back online
  11. Play online games at www.gameroom.com.au
  12. Panbrake needed urgently!
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  14. Custom design your next arcade machine at GameRoom Essentials
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  17. new 19in1 horizontal jamma PCB
  18. GameRoom Essentials to start charging GST
  19. LAI Lowboy design revamp
  20. Delays for Arcade Orders
  21. Budget PCs perfect for MAME build
  22. Looking for interest in BULK ORDER FOR IPAC2, IPAC4, JPAC
  23. Photos of custom Hankin
  24. Photos of latest Ms Pacman build
  25. *reduced* FOR SALE - Candy Cab Project
  26. NEED 18 VOTES - Website upgrade for GameRoom Essentials
  27. Latest Build for GameRoom Essentials - Ultimate Arcade I
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  30. Current Pinball Machines at GameRoom Essentials
  31. Pachinko Japanese Poker Machine at GameRoom Essentials
  32. (pic heavy) Prank Patrol Arcade Machine for ActiveTV (ABC3)
  33. Last day to enter the comp to win your money back
  34. New artwork for Hankins at GameRoom Essentials
  35. *FIXED* Please don't go to my website until further notice *FIXED*
  36. Looking to build a limited edition run of Hankin Replicas
  37. UPDATE - GameRoom Essentials burgled
  38. LAST DAYS - Win a limited edition Hankin REPLICA
  39. Found new place at Elizabeth downs
  40. SA - secure storage for pinball and arcade machines
  41. What is the best TYPE of arcade game - FaceBook Poll
  42. Derryn (Sparky the PinMonkey) I URGENTLY need to get in touch with him
  43. New showroom for GameRoom Essentials
  44. What is your favourite Classic Multiplayer PC game?
  45. Arcade games in Japan
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  47. News paper article about the opening of the new GameRoom Essentials showroom
  48. Public meet at GameRoom Essentials
  49. OFFICIAL OPENING of GameRoom Essentials (pic heavy)
  50. Pinball and arcade repairs Adelaide
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  52. Possible closure of GameRoom Essentials
  53. New "Adelaide pinball" Facebook
  54. We gave away an arcade machine
  55. Retro Gaming Convention in Adelaide
  56. New location for GameRoom Essentials