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  1. Replacement capacitor for a Bally MPU battery - Supersonic
  2. Williams Sys 3 Head scratch
  3. Suddenly, can't start a game of TZ
  4. Guns n Roses magnet / flipper issue
  5. EM not paying credits
  6. Last Action Hero Owners - help please!
  7. Wanted Ali Pinball Manual
  8. Party Zone Ball Gate and Legs
  9. Bally Playboy no gi
  10. Nothing on Startup - Star Trek 25th DE
  11. 73 gotlieb when game is finished the machine puts another ball ready to be played
  12. tilt fault on f-14 tomcat
  13. Fitting LED lights in AC GI circuits
  14. WCS '94 help required
  15. Lights behind the backglass not working on my 1978 playboy pinball
  16. Indiana Jones ball popper doin my head in
  17. Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer Coin Door Change
  18. Twilight Zone, ball sometimes not recognized in piano...
  19. High Speed display prob
  20. Awesome Product To Clean Mylar Residue
  21. Removing ramps on WCS '94
  22. Space jam flasher globes not working ?
  23. Charlies Angles bumper switch arcing
  24. 73 Gotlieb King Pin buzzing noise when flippers are operated
  25. Fishtales phantom flipping, then blowing fuses
  26. EBD Modded power board
  27. EBD J3 connector wire colours HELP!!!!
  28. Fishtales dead after possibly plugging in sound board incorrectly
  29. Williams No Good Gofers - Start Up Problem
  30. Stuck flapper bat clamp
  31. Circuit Board wanted for BUCK ROGERS PINBALL
  32. bally eightball solenolds problem?/
  33. How to flatten pinball plastics
  34. Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball lights problem
  35. capcom flipper - replace with williams?
  36. problem with SS Strikes & Spares
  37. hello and help (EM)
  38. ToM eddy sensor boards
  39. Welcome to PinWiki
  40. Dr Dude extra flipper board doesn't look right
  41. Chasing a Chase Light Board for ST25 Pinball
  42. Builders bog
  43. Champion Pub switch problem
  44. White Water not starting
  45. Monster Bash eddy sensor
  46. TRON issues
  47. White water lost mountains
  48. question for the EM guys
  49. Hankin FJ
  50. How to make Pinball Target Decal / Stickers
  51. High Speed 1 sound problem
  52. MC6802 or MC6808?
  53. Some funky switch behavior on my Creature from the Black lagoon
  54. fuses blow on startup?
  55. TSPP flipper always energized, Transistor question
  56. problem with roadshow teds head
  57. Medieval Madness Problem
  58. gottlieb em relays stay energised
  59. Pin giving electric shocks.
  60. Test for coils shorting
  61. Clip to hold flipper button, pause pinball game?
  62. Help A Noob Repair A Data East Aux Board?
  63. Hankin Empire Strikes Back
  64. Eight Ball Deluxe
  65. Help with flipper not working
  66. Replacing the ROMS on my Last Action Hero
  67. Where is Switch 74 on Whitewater??
  68. Anti Glare for DMDs?
  69. Williams FAN-TAS-TIC issues.. A bit of help needed
  70. Champion Pub - Sound Issue
  71. theatre of magic problem......'CHECK FUSE F114 AND F115'
  72. Williams Flash Rubbers
  73. G.I lights out on Stern Galaxy
  74. Pin2000 CRT interested question
  75. sttng cannon
  76. Gladiators by Gottlieb
  77. stern indians jones flipper
  78. my fishies didnt fire up tonight
  79. Problems with my Scared Stiff
  80. Black Knight Flipper shorting
  81. Sega Goldeneye Flipper Ball Save Magnet Not Working
  82. missing segments in 3 displays issue
  83. Stern Stingray - Locked on coil
  84. Niggling GI problem on T2 tha will not resolve itself
  85. CFTBL thermistor blowing
  86. speaker issue on Theatre of Magic
  87. High End Pinball restoration - dedicated youtube channel
  88. Bally Cheap Squeak sound board - seeking repair info
  89. Dr.who Pinball Flipper Right No Selecting Doctors
  90. T2 eos contact blowing up
  91. TSPP strange behaviour
  92. Is my DMD on the way out?
  93. AFM three bank drop targets and ball launch
  94. CFTBL Keeps blowing fuse
  95. help with rescue 911
  96. world defender pinball issue
  97. Gottlieb MIBS schematic
  98. Stern Striker Xtreme??
  99. Pinball 2000k LCD conversion
  100. T2 GI triac
  101. Jurassic Park Fuse Issue
  102. Pinball Repair in Adelaide? Who can help? Lethal Weapon 3 machine no worky!
  103. Revenge from mars issue
  104. strange science 6803 Board not booting
  105. Simpsons pinball party help
  106. Top lamps not working WCS94
  107. Demolition Man Intermittant Claw Failure - FIXED!
  108. F902 on Addams Family blowing (right upper flipper not working)
  109. How the electrolunescent cable is attach on the TRON LE ramps?
  110. Problem with Williams Flash
  111. WPC95 resets and LEDs flicker then blow
  112. Demo Man Issues
  113. Star Wars DE intermittant problems.
  114. Adding additional lamps.Can it be done?
  115. Williams Jokerz blowing power fuse
  116. Roller Coaster Tycoon drop target issue
  117. Dr.Dude need a doctor
  118. Data east - secret service
  119. pinball repair warrnambool
  120. Star Wars DE intermittantly trips safety switch.
  121. Getaway Highspeed 2 - Diverter ramp issue
  122. T2 pinball - no play field lights ??, any help ?..
  123. Need a 74154 4 -16 decoder
  124. Addams family thing flips not working?????
  125. Simtek 5101/Batt replacement - thoughts?
  126. Gottlieb System 1- Hulk trips circuit breaker
  127. Electro Mechanical Score Reels don't reset
  128. Trying to find a Williams master display schematic D-8168
  129. Guns n' Roses Pinball DMD help please!
  130. Monday Night Football Pinball Referee attachment help?
  131. Help! My hankin is blowing fuses!
  132. No attract mode and Missing GI, everything else fine.
  133. Help with Time Machine (ZZZ)
  134. Help with Williams Indiana Jones SLAM TILT fault
  135. Getaway high speed II power issue
  136. ST TNG firing multiple balls
  137. T2 gun calibration
  138. Williams Getaway Problems - Topper not working
  139. Replacing Targets
  140. Part names and numbers required
  141. Adding aditional beacons on High Speed 1
  142. EPROM Programming Info
  143. data east power supply pins
  144. Dr.Dude BIG SHOT assembly
  145. EM Help needed "Stern Disco"
  146. Weak solenoids? All of them
  147. Data East Pocker/Cards theme?
  148. RFM broke, :( time to bodge :)
  149. Fliptronics 2 blows WPC 89
  150. Guns n' Roses Pinball Backboard lights help please.
  151. Wh20 VUK issue
  152. Judge dredd dimensions
  153. How to use a multimeter?
  154. Intermittent sound on Tri Zone (Williams System 6)
  155. DMD help?
  156. Help needed with Creech
  157. ID4 IR Hit sensor
  158. Just picked up a TZ and would love some help.
  159. Data East Star Wars flipper issue
  160. D E loose fuse holders
  161. Action Pinball and Amusement - Roms
  162. Judge Dredd ramp help.
  163. Swep1 light saber problem
  164. Gorgar Locks up in Game over/attact mode
  165. More TZ help would be greatley appreciated
  166. Strikes and Spares
  167. changing to english on popeye pinball?
  168. Street Fighter II Trough and Flipper problem
  169. TZ audio problem, help needed.
  170. jokerz sound board
  171. DE Frankenstein - DMD stopped working
  172. DMD Stand Off plugs - What type are these?
  173. TZ ball trough proximity issue
  174. Changing batteries on Stern Pinballs
  175. white water flipper not working
  176. High Speed RED LAMP voltage
  177. gottlieb system 1
  178. sttng - Buy in Button Bulb
  179. sttng - Error 87
  180. AVATAR start up problems
  181. White Water ball popper not popping!
  182. Theatre of Magic backboard flashers
  183. Tz slot hole kickout and hitchhiker switch problems
  184. Williams No Fear DMD Takes Ages To Warm Up / Display All Of The Image
  185. Where to buy pinball legs
  186. 5Gal / 20 Litre Tumbler - Tips and thoughts?
  187. MONSTER BASH _ Frank Table & UP / Down Bank not working
  188. Williams System 11 Ram Issues
  189. cudos to skybeaux
  190. Sega Pin losing count in multiball...
  191. Lethal Weapon Three Gun trigger return spring
  192. Capcom flipper info
  193. white water - game blows power line circuit breaker immediately
  194. Roadshow dozer blade problems
  195. Funhouse, Rudy not playing ball...
  196. BDK: Software Bug?
  197. ACDC external volume control
  198. ACDC balls stuck behind clapper (bell)
  199. Funhouse GI led issue
  200. Bugs Bunny insert lights problem
  201. Pinball technician servicing Yarrawonga?
  202. Ij
  203. High Speed Red beacon,how it works?
  204. AC/DC Faults or issues
  205. Creature from the black lagoon kiss lane problem
  206. Flash Flipper Problems
  207. Wpc Ramp switch registers as popper
  208. Flipper buzz/hum
  209. Bally MPU replacement equivalent chip for postion U20 EK
  210. Demo Man Claw
  211. Bride of Pinbot lamp Problems
  212. WH2O - Driver Board Q1 hot and resets
  213. Swords of fury several problems
  214. How To Mod A Williams Pinball For Great Quality Sound
  215. Bugs Bunny switch problem
  216. TZ gumball.
  217. Centaur Drop Targets
  218. T2 not turning on
  219. EBD underplayfield tranny
  220. GI fuse keeps blowing.
  221. Cftbl lighting issues
  222. Capcom Pinball Magic kickout hole has gone lame.
  223. Revenge From Mars Help.
  224. BOP not keeping High Scores
  225. Bloody TSPP again - flipper ( mechanical ) issue
  226. Impact drill for tight screws
  227. WCS94: Soccer Ball motor/gear
  228. Pinrepair LM323 and 22 ohm mod picture wanted
  229. What does this mean? - RFM Issue
  230. New Last Action Hero crane motor problems!
  231. Mystery Castle microswitch
  232. TOM resets, scrambled DMD etc
  233. TAF and TOM magnet coils
  234. DIY cheap way to LED your pin.
  235. Super Mario Bros. flipper issue (End of stroke switch) with PICS
  236. ToM eddy board issue
  237. 114 fuse blows
  238. The Getaway strange secret quotes
  239. Two WWF Pinball questions!
  240. lostworld cannot count
  241. Backglass preservation and body stenciling: Where to get supplies?
  242. Fishtales Lighting Problem
  243. Technician wanted
  244. No longer a Jedi
  245. Chrome Legs
  246. Help with power transformer module on Bally SS machine, please
  247. housecall needed to change rubber
  248. Top Pin or World Defender Bells Games Conversion Help Required.
  249. Insert lights not working
  250. Williams to STERN coil