Aussie Arcade

    AIM, Cosmetic surgeons to the pinball world for over 10 years now. Playfield, Back-glass, Acrylics and Cabinet restorers, rejuvenators, renovators and customisers.

    You can keep an eye on there section HERE and go to their Facebook page HERE
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    Gottlieb Wipeout

    Thread Starter: wyldcat34

    Hi Guys,
    Just picked up a Wipeout by Gottlieb, few things need fixing which I am working on now but the main one is the sound. Music and sound

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    First few restores

    Thread Starter: KJS

    Hi guys. I've been slowly building my collection and restoring to different degrees for a while now. Ive done about 4 full strips now but geez its a lot

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    Wondering where to find tubing for arcade

    Thread Starter: Thooperman

    I am currently working on building a gun arcade using a PS2 and I am looking for some stainless steel tubing for the gun wires. I've only been able to

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    Top Score wont kick ball out - EM newbie

    Thread Starter: robm

    Hi All,

    I am reasonably challenged when it comes to EMs, give me a set of WPC board any day!!

    I have a Top Score i pulled

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    Gottlieb Fashion Show 1962

    Thread Starter: illawarra_steelers

    gottlieb fashion show 1962 - 2,675 units were made and this game went to germany when new..not the greatest game to play but there is just something about

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    Wurlitzer 1600 mag cart mod help

    Thread Starter: LovelyCoCoNutes

    I am workijg on restoring a wurlitzer 1600 juke with the 518 wurlitzer mono tube amp.

    I recapped the amp, but the needles are shot.. And

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