Aussie Arcade

    AIM, Cosmetic surgeons to the pinball world for over 10 years now. Playfield, Back-glass, Acrylics and Cabinet restorers, rejuvenators, renovators and customisers.

    You can keep an eye on there section HERE and go to their Facebook page HERE
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    My balls got stuck in....

    Thread Starter: gt-ray

    please post where you got your balls stuck.

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    Which EM is better?

    Thread Starter: robm

    I am going to have a look at a potential small stash of machines. To my knowledge they include an SS Gottlieb The Games and the following EMs

    Last Post By: illawarra_steelers 2 Hours Ago Go to last post

    High Scores - Dialled In

    Thread Starter: toads

    Pin Name: Dialled In
    Abbreviation: DI
    Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball
    Year of Release: 2017


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    Display issues with 138 in 1 JAMMA PCB

    Thread Starter: Nedmond

    Im having issues getting a video converter to properly display, the image appears ghosted. Ive tried both the RCA and S-Video outputs, 2 different

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    Who are Pro, Premium, LE's aimed at?

    Thread Starter: ItsUrFeminitzNYImNietYoma

    I'm sure this has been discussed already but I can't find any threads on it. If a thread exists, please point me to it.

    Can someone explain

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    MCA Joystick replacement

    Thread Starter: kiwimex

    Looking to replace some MCA joysticks........looking for a replacement with same or better performance and durability.

    I have looked at

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