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    Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Amusement Hire is a WA based company which sell pinball machines and arcade games Australia wide. We also do party hire, repairs and profit share of amusement equipment. We have been operating for over 15 years and are the WA Stern Pinball Agent for brand new pinball machines. We can also offer a pinball packing service for customers who require pinball machines to be packed and sent to Eastern States.

    You can find their section HERE and like all Sponsors click on their banner to go to their website.
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    1. WOKA's Avatar
      WOKA -
      Nothing but good reports from these blokes from what I hear..

      Don't let distance be a factor - old mate has a machine in transport to QLD and the rates are MORE than reasonable.
    1. Eors's Avatar
      Eors -
      I have bought all my nib stern from Joe and Angela...always a pleasure to deal with and nothing is ever too hard...highly recommend them
    1. angs1957's Avatar
      angs1957 -
      Seems like a great business to deal with
    1. Bet7676's Avatar
      Bet7676 -
      Joe has packed and sent a junk yard game for me in a new stern box for transporting to sa machine arrived in perfect condition best service ever ]. Thanks Joe
    1. StormyX73's Avatar
      StormyX73 -
      Got my AC/DC from them and it was a pleasure. Well recommended.
    1. Jomac's Avatar
      Jomac -
      Joe and Ang and the best in the business , no short cuts and most impressive machines you will ever see!

      Two of the nicest people you will ever meet .
    1. Pinnacle's Avatar
      Pinnacle -
      Attachment 98390A quick shout out to Joe and Angela for the superbly managed packing and shipping of my recently purchased Black Hole. I was somewhat hesitant to purchase a machine sight unseen after identifying one in Perth but after speaking with Joe it became possible. Within a couple of days of making contact the machine had been packed and collected from a private residence, returned to their warehouse and packed and palletised. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier. Machine is in even better condition than I had expected and there was no chance of damage in transit due to the level of care taken. Thanks again Joe and Angela. I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again and highly recommend you to anyone who might otherwise be baulking at the idea of shipping a machine across from the west.
    1. redders's Avatar
      redders -
      Have to agree with all the previous comments. 2 NIB LE's delivered with great service, nothing seems to much trouble for Joe and Angela, these guys will always take or return your calls.

      Numerous parts ordered, usually in stock and sent asap.
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