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    Pinball Arcade High Scores - World Champion Soccer

    Thread Starter: pauloz

    Current High Score:

    Current No 2 Score:


    Last Post By: pauloz 9 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    What what is this

    Thread Starter: Czero

    Hi guys I recently acquired a pacman cabinet looks to be a tattoo style cabinet but I think it's a knock off does anyone know what board this. It's a

    Last Post By: Johns-Arcade 5 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Galaxian cocktail

    Thread Starter: Czero

    Hi guys I've just started work on a Galaxian cocktail I've been going through the power supply and im getting power to the board it's 7VAC whatever that

    Last Post By: Czero 3 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Bally Aladdins Castle

    Thread Starter: rusty_dagger

    Thought I would put this in the restore section but at the moment I will call it a repair.
    I bought this recently off [MENTION=9478]Andyj965[/MENTION]

    Last Post By: furballx 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    DE Star Wars right flipper sticking slightly

    Thread Starter: Martymart

    I have a. Issue on my DE Star Wars machine where the right flipper sticks up for just a split second or two after holding the flipper button down. The

    Last Post By: Martymart 4 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Batman rises

    Thread Starter: pingun

    "I'm Batman"....well I used to be anyway. Now I'm being rescued from certain doom!

    Have started on a full blown restoration of

    Last Post By: newy16216 1 Minute Ago Go to last post