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  • WA Amusement Auction 28th Nov

    Amusement Auction is on the 28th of November,should be fun
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    50s comedy horror themed pins

    Thread Starter: KJS

    Hi all. Now I have calmed down after my iron man attack wondering if I have missed any titles on my preferred theme.
    With pinsound and restores

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    Astro city no picture

    Thread Starter: rook519

    Hey guys, my astro city has no picture it has sound tho, im thinking the problem is that something should be plugged in the slot in my picture

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    What do you use your Amiga for in 2017?

    Thread Starter: SavageToe

    Hey ya'll

    What are people doing with their Amiga's in 2017?

    I'm planning on refurbishing my old A1200 in the near future.

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    Scoop protector Metallica

    Thread Starter: jtred872

    Hey guys,
    Anyone know where i can get a Cliffy protector for the mystery hole on a Metallica. Should i order directly from his site or does anyone

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    Flying Balls on New TOTAN Swirl Ramp

    Thread Starter: LAP

    About 2 months ago I bought a new replacement ramp Tales of Arabian Nights Swirl ramp from Pinball Spare Parts Australia and 2 weeks I ago finally got

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    New old pin and room day

    Thread Starter: Koops

    New house with a dedicated pin room plus pins in storage for almost two years =


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